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Fernanda Ferreira

Beatriz Ferreira

Pink's story began in 2011 in the city of Stamford (Connecticut), when I was challenged to bake a cake for a dear friend, she helped me a lot in the beginning of this beautiful and long journey, always inspiring me to continue. The passion for the art of cakes began to take another turn when I decided to take my first confectionery class at Buddy Valastro, better known as 'Cake Boss' and is located in New Jersey (USA).

These classes started to motivate me to sell the cakes to friends, because they could give their opinion on the flavors, some time passed and with it came the specializations and experiences with confectionery, improving my fillings, pasta, working and experiencing fondant (folder American), now looking at my entire trajectory, my biggest challenge was to insert the essence of Brazilian confectionery into American design, I had to reinvent myself and started with chandelier cakes, then I started making cakes in the shape of cars , team shirts, dolls' house and castle, in short, different formats and designs, adapting to customer customization requests.

Pink sweets cakes won two important awards in New York and Portugal, I am very proud to have this achievement and see how much this company has evolved, we are in constant evolution and with this, I attribute pink to my sister Beatriz Ferreira and thus we open ours second studio in São Paulo where she has been doing a fantastic job and following my path, I give several tips for us to have flavor standards.

We currently have some products as our flagship, our dearest grandma's cakes, we prepare the essence of our family's recipes and bring the homemade flavor to each of our customers' homes, using the best ingredients and always innovating in 'design' to delight.

Our mission is to turn dreams into reality, we want to be present on the most important dates of our consumers and deliver the best taste and visual experience, delivering happiness in the form of sugar and lots of whipped cream.

Pink awards

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